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Proton VPN; the fastest VPN

Proton VPN provides advanced security features and functions quickly when compared to other VPNs. To secure your privacy, Proton uses 256-bit AES encryption technique, designed with improved server functionality, strict no-logs policy, kill switch etc. They provide connections for all major platforms and at a time you can connect up to maximum 10 devices from a single account.

They consist of special features like:

  • Dedicated servers for torrenting: Proton VPN productively merges with torrent clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent and Vuze.
  • Advanced streaming servers: They have the capability to access online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. by unblocking the geo-restricted content.
  • Spilt tunnelling: They help you to track web traffic using VPN and by using some common local networks.
  • Ad blocker: They successfully block ads, harmful websites and tracking sites.

 ProtoVPN provides 24 hours support in case of any doubts or confusions. They basically consist of three types of subscription plans. They have the capacity to connect more than 1200 servers across the globe. In terms of security, Proton is of the best VPN available in the market and they are designed to provide atmost privacy for the users. For the same reason they are equipped with wide range of privacy features, congenital user apps, strong streaming option and best torrenting facilities. As per the test results, they acquire pretty fast connections.


Proton VPN consists of the basic as well as advanced features.

  • 256-bit AES encryption: this is one of the strongest encryption strategies available in the world. They cannot be ruptured by any hackers and they are the widely used by military forces and well as government agencies.
  • No-logs policy: Proton VPN does not keep the track record of your personal information or your activities. Your privacy is totally protected here.
  • Kill switch: This feature allows the device to automatically disconnect from the VPN if the internet connection is lost. This feature is only available for the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS users.

Proton VPN also provides some additional security features like:

  • Perfect forward secrecy: This feature regularly alters the encryption key, each time you connect to Proton VPN servers. In any way one of the encryption key is found by the hackers, only the data connected to that key will be compromised, the rest of them will be safe.
  • Full-disk encryption: In any case, the servers of Proton VPN are hacked, full-disc encryption makes sure that the data present in them are kept secure and cannot be read by anyone.

Proton VPN provides two types of protocols; IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN. Both these protocols are readily available in Android, iOS and Mac but Windows system are only compatible with OpenVPN. They also consist of a leak protection feature against DNS, WebRTC and IPv4.

Proton VPN has a secure core server that filters your data through two servers before it is dispatched from the Proton network. The advantage of this is that, if hackers managed to hack the server, they can only able to trace the connection back to the secure core server. Proton VPN servers are located in underground centres located in Switzerland, Sweden and Iceland.

Another attractive feature of Proton VPN is Net shield. They help to actively block ads, infected websites as well as trackers. Proton VPN has net shielding tools better than any other VPN. The spilt tunnelling option allows you to add or delete web browsers, applications and IP addresses from the VPN tunnel. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Windows and Android.

Proton VPN can reinforce The Onion Router (TOR) over VPN whose servers are located in different countries like France, Germany and Hong Kong. TOR works efficiently with Proton VPN. Proton VPN is a Switzerland based company where the data privacy laws are strict. So there will not be any compromise in the security of data. Proton VPN only gathers your email address, payment details and timing details of your last login.

Proton VPN has comparatively higher speed when connected to local servers and also international servers including Europe, South America and Africa. They consist of around 1200+ servers present in 55 countries.


  • Basic plan – Rs.352/month
  • Plus plan – Rs.705/month
  • Visionary – Rs.2, 117/month

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