AhnLab antivirus

AhnLab antivirus; advanced cyber threat analysis and response

Ever imagined why we need an advanced cyber security system? According to the reports cyber-attacks has increased to 56% since the pandemic has struck the society. Many established organizations are falling into financial crisis due to different types of cyber-attacks. Many lost the important data and sensitive infomations which could have been secured if they had an advanced protection system.

Cyber-attacks can come from anywhere, in any form. We must be ready to defend them at any time. For that we need reliable security softwares. There are a lot of advanced security softwares available in the market. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to an efficient security solution, AhnLab.

AhnLab was founded in the year 1995. They came up as a structured cyber security organization which develops comprehensive protection softwares for endpoint networks, online transactions and other basic services. They provide the best threat prevention systems by clubbing cloud analysis with the endpoints and server resources.

As per the records around 25,000 institutions around the world depend on AhnLab for better security. AhnLab provides multi-layer security for both endpoint and networks. Their V3 security version is best known for its performance. They make sure that that your critical business informations are secured by the upcoming cyber threats.

The V3 security product is only compatible with Windows.  It ensures that your endpoints and networks are protected by consuming less resource than other security softwares in the market. This is one of the finest security software available in the market which does not compromise on the system performance while functioning.


  • Comprehensive firewall: The V3 version is equipped by a strong firewall that successfully blocks detrimental network attacks. They also consist of a two way firewall option that safeguards the device from unauthorized network access.
  • New-fangled attack detection system:  The V3 security system defends a wide variety of attack vectors like malwares, Trojans, spyware, adwares, worms etc. They function on the basis of cloud-based technology. They conduct special scan to detect malicious rootkits. Once located, they are quarantined and blocked.
  • Deep data wipe: V3 can actively locate delete the contents of the folders which has high risk and has the capacity to drain sensitive information. The wiped off data is then over written with the assistance of multi-pass algorithm, which makes it difficult to retrieve.
  • PC tune-up: The PC tune up feature in the V3 version helps to boost the system performance by clearing the unnecessary space occupied by temporary files, registries and other cache files.


  •  They are the leading industry will best customer support.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Highly safe and reliable.
  • Cost efficient
  • Free trial available for 30 days.

In the beginning they were only developing desktop based softwares, but now they have started creating security solutions for Android devices. To cope up with the present day cyber-attack strategies, the software uses unique DNS scan and Smart Defence cloud based technology. The AV test labs have also certified them as reliable security software.

They can obstruct every zero-day attacks without any fail. When tested, the software detected 100% malwares which was present in the system as well as emails.

AhnLab is easy to install and simple to use.  Features like optimization, protection and other scanning option are available in the interface within your reach. These softwares are designed in such a way that they have minimum system impact, which means they perform efficiently even in slower machines. They function quietly in the background and do not bring unnecessary notifications. As per the test results, the full scan option are completed within an hour and the scans does not freeze the system.

They also has an external drive scanner, which scans external devices like USB flash drives, hard drives and other portable devices. The NIP (Network Intrusion Prevention) feature helps to prevent attacks through networks.

The mobile version of V3 has some attractive features:

  • Privacy advisor
  • Virus protection
  • Tune-up
  • App lock
  • Privacy cleaner
  • Privacy filter

AhnLab is available free for the first 30 days then you have to pay to continue the subscription plan.