Protegent antivirus

Protegent antivirus; the trusted software security

Improvement in technology allowed people around the world to easily access the internet. People used internet for various needs and today everything is available within a finger touch. Life became easy and most of the human activities like shopping, entertainment, education etc. were converted online. But there are some after effects of using internet. The major one is health problems arising due to the over usage of internet and mobiles/systems. After that comes cyber-attacks and cyber threats. Unfortunately, internet is full of malicious malwares and viruses which infects the system and causes serious damages to our files and information.

To prevent this from happening, our PC should be protected by using a strong and dependable security solution. In this blog, we are going to discuss about one such security software that ensures immunity from the harmful viruses and malwares, Protegent.

Protegent is an advanced antivirus softwares which ensures multi-level protection against malicious threats and data leaks. Apart from antivirus protection, they also provide data recovery features, in case of lost or stolen data. They also help to boost the performance of the system by analysing the Windows registry. Even though there are rumours spreading about the consistency of the software, experts have tested the software and certified them as a capable softwares that can safeguard you from all the upcoming threats.

Due to the same reason we have millions of users around world who depend on Protegent because of the high level of protection they offer, even against phishing attacks.

Benefits of using Protegent

  • They are cost-effective softwares, they are available for Rs.1, 117.36/year.
  • Your email will be safe and secure. They scan the every letter which is sent through MS Exchange and MS outlook to prevent phishing attacks.
  • They support all versions of Windows.
  • Your sensitive data is secured from threat actors.
  • They establish multi-layer protection against viruses and Trojans.
  • If Protegent finds any suspicious email or SMS, they block them immediately.
  • They scan every sites & URL you enter and blacklist the compromised webpages and URL.
  • If you receive any spam, Protegent won’t allow you to open them. They alert you about the danger and eliminate them from the inbox.
  • If there is any infection in the downloaded files, they are instantly moved to the quarantine area before it causes any threat to the system.
  • They provide active anti-ad protection.
  • Protegent helps to increase the downloading speed.
  • They improve the performance of the system.
  • Scans are scheduled regularly in the background. They provide real-time antivirus protection and you don’t have to worry about manual scanning.
  • Recovery features helps you to retrieve the lost files.
  • They maintain top security for your private informations.
  • 24×7 customer support.

Protegent solution is mainly designed for Windows security. They are compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP. They do not provide antivirus softwares for Mac, Android or iOS. Protegent softwares are available in 4 different versions:

  • Protegent antivirus
  • Protegent Total Security Solution – Rs.1, 862/year
  • Protegent 360 Complete Security software – Rs.2, 976/year

They consist of anti-theft mechanism which provides an extra layer of protection for your personal information and blocks unauthorized access. Protegent consists of Activity report feature which actively monitors your emails & messages and blacklist those which are found suspicious. They filter emails only through MS exchange and MS outlook. But they do not work efficiently on messaging platforms like Gmail and Yahoo.

Along with real-time protection, they ensure that the system performance is always optimized. Sometimes file fragmentation can be the reason for slow performance. Protegent mitigates this cause by checking the hard disk thoroughly and removing unnecessary & duplicate files. This improves the system performance.

The real-time threat protection also protects your system from Zero-day threats and alerts you when any open vulnerability is detected. Protegent helps to secure your privacy. The only information they collect are the ones based on registration and payment. Protegent utilises this data to send updates and product offerings. They update the software regularly with new threat signatures. This makes them efficient to fight the upcoming threats and protect the system.

AhnLab antivirus

AhnLab antivirus; advanced cyber threat analysis and response

Ever imagined why we need an advanced cyber security system? According to the reports cyber-attacks has increased to 56% since the pandemic has struck the society. Many established organizations are falling into financial crisis due to different types of cyber-attacks. Many lost the important data and sensitive infomations which could have been secured if they had an advanced protection system.

Cyber-attacks can come from anywhere, in any form. We must be ready to defend them at any time. For that we need reliable security softwares. There are a lot of advanced security softwares available in the market. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to an efficient security solution, AhnLab.

AhnLab was founded in the year 1995. They came up as a structured cyber security organization which develops comprehensive protection softwares for endpoint networks, online transactions and other basic services. They provide the best threat prevention systems by clubbing cloud analysis with the endpoints and server resources.

As per the records around 25,000 institutions around the world depend on AhnLab for better security. AhnLab provides multi-layer security for both endpoint and networks. Their V3 security version is best known for its performance. They make sure that that your critical business informations are secured by the upcoming cyber threats.

The V3 security product is only compatible with Windows.  It ensures that your endpoints and networks are protected by consuming less resource than other security softwares in the market. This is one of the finest security software available in the market which does not compromise on the system performance while functioning.


  • Comprehensive firewall: The V3 version is equipped by a strong firewall that successfully blocks detrimental network attacks. They also consist of a two way firewall option that safeguards the device from unauthorized network access.
  • New-fangled attack detection system:  The V3 security system defends a wide variety of attack vectors like malwares, Trojans, spyware, adwares, worms etc. They function on the basis of cloud-based technology. They conduct special scan to detect malicious rootkits. Once located, they are quarantined and blocked.
  • Deep data wipe: V3 can actively locate delete the contents of the folders which has high risk and has the capacity to drain sensitive information. The wiped off data is then over written with the assistance of multi-pass algorithm, which makes it difficult to retrieve.
  • PC tune-up: The PC tune up feature in the V3 version helps to boost the system performance by clearing the unnecessary space occupied by temporary files, registries and other cache files.


  •  They are the leading industry will best customer support.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Highly safe and reliable.
  • Cost efficient
  • Free trial available for 30 days.

In the beginning they were only developing desktop based softwares, but now they have started creating security solutions for Android devices. To cope up with the present day cyber-attack strategies, the software uses unique DNS scan and Smart Defence cloud based technology. The AV test labs have also certified them as reliable security software.

They can obstruct every zero-day attacks without any fail. When tested, the software detected 100% malwares which was present in the system as well as emails.

AhnLab is easy to install and simple to use.  Features like optimization, protection and other scanning option are available in the interface within your reach. These softwares are designed in such a way that they have minimum system impact, which means they perform efficiently even in slower machines. They function quietly in the background and do not bring unnecessary notifications. As per the test results, the full scan option are completed within an hour and the scans does not freeze the system.

They also has an external drive scanner, which scans external devices like USB flash drives, hard drives and other portable devices. The NIP (Network Intrusion Prevention) feature helps to prevent attacks through networks.

The mobile version of V3 has some attractive features:

  • Privacy advisor
  • Virus protection
  • Tune-up
  • App lock
  • Privacy cleaner
  • Privacy filter

AhnLab is available free for the first 30 days then you have to pay to continue the subscription plan.

Fortinet antivirus

Fortinet antivirus; a reliable security solution

The number of cyber-crimes is accelerating day by day. Cyber criminals are mainly targeting established companies and organizations as they are dealing with sensitive informations and have a good financial deposit. Hackers either steal information or sell them in public websites and dark web or they focus on stealing money by putting their sensitive data in danger. In such condition the company don’t have any other option than handing over the ransom.

All these are caused due to the lack of competent cyber security software. Even though all organizations will have security softwares, they shall not be updated. Older version of softwares will contain open vulnerabilities through which the threat actor can get into the network. A proper defensive system with all the advanced features is an unavoidable need in today’s society.

Here we are going to discuss about one of the efficacious cyber software available in the market, Fortinet.

Fortinet is an established security software developing company which mainly focuses in creating network security appliances. They are powerful softwares that can be functioned within the enterprise security environment. Fortinet tools have equally protected corporate networks and infrastructures like cloud providers. They help you to arrange the work with personal data.

Fortinet softwares are mainly utilized in the corporate sectors for the easiness and efficient solution of the network security systems. The chief product of Fortinet is UTM. They are multi-functional softwares that come along with firewall, prevention system, intrusion detection option and antivirus gateway feature. They also make sure that your system is safe from malicious websites and spams.

Fortinet solutions protect your sensitive information using a wide range of systems. They contain special FortiASIC processor which is mainly developed for signature analysis of network traffic and makes the network activity faster and with encryption.

Fortinet ensures real time protection and threat elimination without the loss of network bandwidth. You have options in the software to analyse and manage traffic. These are user-friendly and cost-effective softwares.

Advantages of Fortinet

  • It consists of wide variety of security solutions.
  • Comprehensive approach.
  • Consists of advanced business features.
  • You can manage and share the configurations through local and remote point switches.
  • Specialized configuration and authorization method for SSID or VLAN.
  • Multi-layer Wi-Fi protection.
  • Compatible with other wireless technologies.


  • Some of the versions are not suitable for personal use.
  • Some software versions needs hardware support to ensure smooth functioning.

Fortinet is designed in such a way that it can be used along with Enterprise Management Server (EMS). EMS provides endpoint protection to your networks.  They consist of vulnerability scanner that finds known and unknown vulnerabilities successfully. The firewall feature of Fortinet is supported by TCP and UDP ports.

Apart from the vulnerability scanner, Fortinet provides remote access tools which help the users to configure VPN connections. These softwares are easy to use and the scanning options are automatically functioned. The user interface contains ‘notification tab’ which provides the list of complete details of the program generated notifications.


  • Auto Virus scanning
  • Manual Virus scanning
  • Registry Start-up scan
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-Trojan
  • Anti-worm
  • Anti-phishing
  • Email protection
  • Personal firewall
  • VPN service

Fortinet is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android & iOS.

The firewall feature protects the network by analysing the incoming and outgoing packets based on a set of specified rules. Fortinet can efficiently block unauthorized network activities like signatures, protocol decryption, packet logging and IPS sensors.

Forinet allows the users with program control features that assist them to manage multiple Internet technologies that have been accumulating in the modern networks.

For detecting viruses, Fortinet uses identifier based virus detection method as well as heuristic method. These advanced technologies actively trap all kinds of viruses, spywares and other cyber-attacks that lurk into your system through internet traffic, emails and file sharing. If any files are found anonymous, they are immediately transferred to the cloud servers so that they don’t cause any damage to your system.

Fortinet is a free software but the enterprise customers have to purchase the FortiClient EMS which consists of multiple endpoints.

Immunet antivirus

Immunet antivirus; the real-time defender

Cyber threats are increasing significantly in the modern world. Technology and internet has taken away almost every sector of the society. Due to the same reason, people and organizations are being vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Internet is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. The benefits of internet are largely praised by everyone, but little do they know that it acts as a connecting bridge between the users and the threat actors. Most of the dangerous malwares have been spreading through internet.

To protect our personal information and to secure our privacy, we should have a strong and reliable security software.

Immunet can protect you from all the emerging threats and safeguard your sensitive information.

Immunet works with the help of cloud computing system and it is one of the finest security solutions available in the market. It mainly functions on Windows computers and they are user-friendly. The software stays active over a network where about two million users utilize them to create a better defence mechanism. If any one of the user within the network is attacked, the software gathers information about the malware and ensures protection to all the other users from that malware.


  • They provide real-time threat detection and they have a manual update system.
  • They are compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • They need small amount of RAM to function.
  • They can be used with other anti-virus programs.


  • It doesn’t have email scanning feature.
  • They don’t detect threats from external drives.
  • There are variations in function during offline.

Basic features

You can install Immunet software within 60 seconds and does not occupy more than 100MB of space.

  • Once Immunet is installed it automatically runs Flash scan and checks for malicious outsiders in the running process and starts the function of registry keys.
  • The Block Mode feature helps to block newly installed applications if any threat is found within the program. Only safe applications are granted permission inside the system.
  •  They ensure immediate response to viruses, malwares, spywares, ransomwares, adwares etc.
  • The custom scan helps to scan specific files or folders.
  • The schedule scan feature helps you to run scans according to your schedule. It can be daily, weekly or monthly. Schedule scan has the option to perform full, flash or custom scan.
  • Without activating on-demand or scheduled scans, the software automatically calls out to scan the system for malicious threats like Trojans and Keyloggers.
  • If they found any threat while scanning, Immunet quarantine them separately.
  • There are possibilities where the software can detect some Windows files as infected ones. To avoid this confusion, select the file, folder or file extension to add to the exclusion list so that you don’t lose important files.
  • Gaming mode enables the users to stay away from unnecessary notifications.
  • There is always a record maintained within the software that saves all the activities done by the software like running scans, detecting threats, blocking and quarantining files. You can go through them if necessary and there are options to sort the activities according to the date and time.
  • You can manually activate or deactivate the cloud detection engines like ETHOS and SPERO.
  • While you are offline, ClamAV engines looks out for threats.
  • They are compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and the server 2016/2012/2008 R2.

Immunet is powered by an open source ClamAV scanner. They have an efficient user-friendly front end which is available only as definition database in other anti-virus softwares. Immunet provides options to view the CPU performance and display memory from the product dashboard. Antivirus software utilizes power and memory of the system to function. So it better to have an idea of how much memory and power it is using.

Immunet has a separate social network called Immunet Community. Through this community, users exchanges virus data so that the software can analyse them and no one else gets affected by the virus.

Immunet is one of the lightest anti-virus software available within a megabyte. While considering the entire database of ClamAV, it’s just around 20MB. This helps the software to act quickly and keep updated.

Immunet is a free anti-virus software which can be downloaded free from their official website

eScan antivirus

eScan antivirus; all in one protection software

We are living in a digital world and all of our daily life activities are related to internet. This widespread use of internet has made us vulnerable to cyber-attacks, invasion of privacy and fraudsters. In the midst of the growing cyber-attacks, an advanced security solution is inevitable. As per the census, cyber-crimes have crossed around 2 trillion dollars loss for the world. This is a very serious issue and we must defend them before they take up all of our privacy and personal data. For that we need a strong, reliable security solution. There are many security softwares available in the market and each one of them is better than one another.

One among them is eSan.

The major motive of an anti-virus software is to safeguard your system from malwares, viruses, Trojans, ransomwares, botnets and other kinds of cyber threats. Some of the security softwares just provide security from them whereas some have additional bonus features.

eScan offers cloud security with advanced Firewall and anti-spam protection.

Advantages of eScan:

  • Scored well in the independent lab test and also in the hands-on test.
  • Improved Rescue mode bootable scan.
  • Firewall and an antispam features.

Disadvantages of eScan:

  • Antispam function is not efficient as expected.
  • Notifications are difficult to understand.
  • No phishing protection.

The interface panels of eScan consist of 5 different components; file antivirus, mail antivirus, antispam, firewall and cloud protection. The interface has separate panels for these features and just clicking on them can help you to make changes in the configuration or helps to view the software’s activity.

The Rescue mode helps the users to boot the system, if any malware or virus has infected the system and had made the device unbootable or unusable. This feature can be controlled manually. The AV test has awarded eScan with a VB100 certificate and good test results.


  • Latest, user-friendly and trendy GUI: eScan is an advanced anti-virus software with cloud security. They increase the system performance by launching several applications and other useful modules. They come with a catchy and trendy user interface which is carefully designed to suit the needs of experts and beginners.
  • Improved antispam feature: eScan depends on NIPL technology and complicated filters which works based on specific keywords and features. The artificial intelligence within the software helps to learn the pattern of the user and categorize emails into spam and ham emails separately.
  • eScan Security Network: The security network gathers information from millions of eScan users around the globe when they are online to protect them from the emerging threats. This cloud based security feature responds instantly to the latest upcoming threats.
  • USB vaccination: eScan provides vaccine for external sources likes pen drives, hard drives and USB so that they do not become the source of infection.
  • Advanced virus protection: With the developed virus protection feature and sophisticated Heuristics Algorithms, scans are conducted effectively without any delay. They also notes application which behaves unusually and report them to the user. eScan also protects the system from zero-day threats.
  • Two-way firewall: This feature helps to scan the incoming and outgoing network activities and they protect the system from all types of network based attacks. They also have access control rules which can analyse the network traffic.
  • Safe Mode Password Protection: This feature ensures that no one else takes the access of the system without a valid eScan password.
  • On-demand scanning: The on-demanding features help the users to quickly scan files, folders, memories and all storage devices. They use smart Whitelisting technology. It ensures that the performance of the system is not affected during the time of scanning.
  • Uninterrupted gaming experience: The game detection tool in this software helps to detect the start of a game, films and presentations. During the time, the software will shut down all its notifications and alerts and ensures uninterrupted gaming experience for the user.

Subscription plans

  • eScan antivirus (Linux) 1 device 2 years – Rs.1, 021
  • eScan antivirus with cloud security 5 devices 1 year –  Rs.1, 719
  • eScan Internet Security 5 devices 2 years –  Rs.4, 519
  • eScan antivirus (Linux) 5 devices 3 years – Rs.4, 932

For further information visit

G Data antivirus

G Data antivirus; the personal system protector

Nowadays we are encountering hype in cyber-attacks. We are not able to withstand the modern warfare of the hackers. Normal anti-malware software couldn’t resist the latest threats and we are in need of an advanced cyber security solution that can help us get through this.

The researchers have recognized a list of softwares that you protect your system from all the known and unknown threats. G Data is one among them.

G Data is developed by a German company and they have been successful creating softwares for the last 30 years. In the beginning it was just a malware detecting software. From that they grew to become the number 1 anti-virus software packed with full of features and settings.

The major software versions of the company are G data antivirus and G data Internet security. The G Data antivirus mainly focuses on anti-virus protection where the Internet security software provides more than a normal protection like Firewall, parental control and cloud back up feature. Both share a common feature of real-time protection that helps to analyse all the reading and writing operations happening in the system.

The Ideal scan tool helps to conduct a system-wide scan when the system remains ideal. The memory and start-up scanner makes sure that no infected programs are functioning inside the system during the time of booting and the rootkit scanner can take away the program before the system starts booting.

The scans in this software can be scheduled according to the preference of the users. As per the time they keep performing their scans in the background. G data is well known for its malware crushing property and the possibility of false detection is low.

The Parental control feature helps to lock selected websites and undefined URLs.

G Data consists of auto start manager which helps the user to have control over program booting. The enhanced key logger protection ensures additional layer of protection.

The firewall features provides inbound and outbound protection for your network with additional BankGuard utility that secures you in the time of banking processes and online transactions. They successfully pick up all types of Wi-Fi including the weak and the strong. G data ensures web protection by reading WiFi passphrases.

USB Keyboard guard helps to prevent threats from manipulated USB devices. Even though they are light weighted software, they need a storage space of about 1.7 GB. As per the AV test, G data has been placed in the 13th position out of 17 softwares.

G Data comes with a cluttered interface. They are crammed with options and security status details. The scan options present in G data are:

  • Check computer/full scan
  • Check memory and Autostart
  • Check directories/files
  • Check for rootkits

As per the statistics of the users, G data takes 18 minutes to scan 50 GB of data, which is much faster than any other security softwares.

Advantages of G data are:

  • Outstanding scores while tested.
  • Offers advanced protection against ransomwares, Trojans, Key loggers and other exploits.
  • They include spam filter.

G data offers best protection from malware attacks. Once a malware is detected, they block every access to the malware hosting site, they analyse the downloading files and blocks them, detect and destroy the malware based on their signature.

If you are a new member, you need to register yourself before starting the software by providing name and email address. This software protects your system using 7 protection layers which includes system messages, update details and license information.

G data provides end-to-end solutions and services by utilizing the AI technology. The software provides support 24×7 with an experienced expert team.

Subscription plans

  • Antivirus 3 devices 1 year – Rs.495
  • Antivirus 3 devices 3 year – Rs.890
  • Internet security 1android device 1 year – Rs.220
  • Internet security 1 device 1 year – Rs.495
  • Internet security 1 device 3 years – Rs.890
  • Total security 1 device 1 year – Rs.880

G data is an efficient cyber security solution available in affordable price. For more details please visit