Fortinet antivirus

Fortinet antivirus; a reliable security solution

The number of cyber-crimes is accelerating day by day. Cyber criminals are mainly targeting established companies and organizations as they are dealing with sensitive informations and have a good financial deposit. Hackers either steal information or sell them in public websites and dark web or they focus on stealing money by putting their sensitive data in danger. In such condition the company don’t have any other option than handing over the ransom.

All these are caused due to the lack of competent cyber security software. Even though all organizations will have security softwares, they shall not be updated. Older version of softwares will contain open vulnerabilities through which the threat actor can get into the network. A proper defensive system with all the advanced features is an unavoidable need in today’s society.

Here we are going to discuss about one of the efficacious cyber software available in the market, Fortinet.

Fortinet is an established security software developing company which mainly focuses in creating network security appliances. They are powerful softwares that can be functioned within the enterprise security environment. Fortinet tools have equally protected corporate networks and infrastructures like cloud providers. They help you to arrange the work with personal data.

Fortinet softwares are mainly utilized in the corporate sectors for the easiness and efficient solution of the network security systems. The chief product of Fortinet is UTM. They are multi-functional softwares that come along with firewall, prevention system, intrusion detection option and antivirus gateway feature. They also make sure that your system is safe from malicious websites and spams.

Fortinet solutions protect your sensitive information using a wide range of systems. They contain special FortiASIC processor which is mainly developed for signature analysis of network traffic and makes the network activity faster and with encryption.

Fortinet ensures real time protection and threat elimination without the loss of network bandwidth. You have options in the software to analyse and manage traffic. These are user-friendly and cost-effective softwares.

Advantages of Fortinet

  • It consists of wide variety of security solutions.
  • Comprehensive approach.
  • Consists of advanced business features.
  • You can manage and share the configurations through local and remote point switches.
  • Specialized configuration and authorization method for SSID or VLAN.
  • Multi-layer Wi-Fi protection.
  • Compatible with other wireless technologies.


  • Some of the versions are not suitable for personal use.
  • Some software versions needs hardware support to ensure smooth functioning.

Fortinet is designed in such a way that it can be used along with Enterprise Management Server (EMS). EMS provides endpoint protection to your networks.  They consist of vulnerability scanner that finds known and unknown vulnerabilities successfully. The firewall feature of Fortinet is supported by TCP and UDP ports.

Apart from the vulnerability scanner, Fortinet provides remote access tools which help the users to configure VPN connections. These softwares are easy to use and the scanning options are automatically functioned. The user interface contains ‘notification tab’ which provides the list of complete details of the program generated notifications.


  • Auto Virus scanning
  • Manual Virus scanning
  • Registry Start-up scan
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-Trojan
  • Anti-worm
  • Anti-phishing
  • Email protection
  • Personal firewall
  • VPN service

Fortinet is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android & iOS.

The firewall feature protects the network by analysing the incoming and outgoing packets based on a set of specified rules. Fortinet can efficiently block unauthorized network activities like signatures, protocol decryption, packet logging and IPS sensors.

Forinet allows the users with program control features that assist them to manage multiple Internet technologies that have been accumulating in the modern networks.

For detecting viruses, Fortinet uses identifier based virus detection method as well as heuristic method. These advanced technologies actively trap all kinds of viruses, spywares and other cyber-attacks that lurk into your system through internet traffic, emails and file sharing. If any files are found anonymous, they are immediately transferred to the cloud servers so that they don’t cause any damage to your system.

Fortinet is a free software but the enterprise customers have to purchase the FortiClient EMS which consists of multiple endpoints.