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Top class Chromebook antivirus software’s available in 2023

Modern day cyber-attacks are unpredictable and it can happen in anyway. So it has become mandatory for every user to have a strong and secure antivirus solution. The major advantage of today’s advanced security solutions are that they not only help you to block the malware before it causes damages to the system but also safeguards you from virus infection in the first place.

If you are a Chromebook user, you might get the thought that you don’t need any antivirus software, but the fact is that even the most secured operating system/device is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Chromebooks can be infected by spywares and trackers which is infected through compromised websites or from any of the downloads.

In this blog, we are going to discuss about some advanced antivirus softwares that can protect your Chromebook from all the upcoming threats.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Why should you buy?

  • Get regular recommendations for your device
  • PIN protection facility
  • Remote locking facility
  • Advanced VPN and real-time malware protection

Bitdefender mobile security is one of the best antivirus protection applications available for Chromebook. They are stuffed with features and tools that help you to keep your device safe including autopilot feature which alerts you to run scans and the push alert option that checks for suspicious activities from any applications.

The notification option of Bitdefender is an advantage because no other software provides this facility. Notification tab helps you to scan your device on time. You can protect each application in your ChromeBook by setting up a PIN to avoid unauthorized access. But while you are using the system, they automatically let you in by detecting the home Wi-Fi network.


Why should you buy?

  • Perform regular audit for all the applications
  • Automatically schedules scans
  • User-friendly interface and features

When comparing with other antivirus softwares, Malwarebytes has the most eco-friendly design that suits your needs. They are easy to use softwares where you can perform scans with just a click. With Malwarebytes, you can perform scheduled scans such that you don’t have to worry about the adwares and spywares that are infecting your system. Malwarebytes mainly focuses on detecting and removing malwares. Unfortunately they don’t provide a VPN, device tracking option or password-protecting access for applications. But this isn’t a serious problem; we have other third party application that can provide you these facilities.

Norton Mobile Security

Why should you buy?

  • They scan applications and make sure they are safe before installing them.
  • Web scanners works along with the browser
  • Network analysis to prevent attacks
  • Regular report generation

Norton Mobile Security helps to keep your ChromeBook away from threats and data breaches. Norton owns the powerful virus scanner in the market and consists of included features which are moulded to keep away malicious codes and threats away from your device. When you are browsing a website, the active firewall scans for malware before allowing you to access them. The firewall works actively with any browser including Chrome and they do not affect the performance of the system.

Norton also scans for threats in your Wi-Fi connection. Another striking feature of Norton is its pre-installation app scanning. Before you download an application, Norton verifies that it is safe and informs you about the privacy permission the application takes you.

Avira free security

Why should you buy?

  • Provides advanced features free of cost
  • Consists of PIN protection for every applications
  • Provides VPN and system optimizer
  • App privacy facility

Avira is the best security software that can protect your Chromebook free of cost. Their virus scanning engine is equally efficient as of paid competitors. Even if they are available for free, they have made no compromise in quality and standards. Here you have to run the scans manually as there is no scheduled scan option and the software does not remind you to do scans.

While considering Avira features and tools they are more reactive rather than being proactive. With Avira you can customize the app privacy & permissions and scan your Wi-Fi network to check on the devices connected and to ensure safety.

Like other paid softwares, Avira offers real-time protection when you are using the internet and analyses every websites for malicious codes.

All the above mentioned softwares help to protect your Chromebook from malicious threats and cyber hackers.