Trustport mobile security

Trustport mobile security; a comprehensive security solution

Securing your sensitive and personal information has become a huddle these days. Even if you system has the basic security feature, they won’t be efficient to block current day cyber-attacks. Threat actors are deploying dangerous forms of malwares and threats these days. They are so advanced that a normal virus scanner could not detect their presence and the damage they cause can even make you financially unstable. To avoid these situations, we need a strong and reliable security solution that can detect and block all the current known and unknown threats.

Let us discuss about one of such anti-virus that can perform far better than we think – TrustPort.

TechPort is mobile antivirus software which is mainly developed for Android devices. They consists of advanced softwares like app and file system scanning tool, a secure browser and an online control system for the safety of your devices. TechPort is a Czech Republic company which was established in the year 1991.

Android security solutions mainly consist of scanners that regularly go through the files and alert you if any suspicious files are found. But TrustPort contains advanced features which are beyond just scanning and reporting. Using TrustPort, users can perform scans of system applications, external storage volume or even the complete phone. You can configure the scans with the extensive settings screen option. When you download a file through an unprotected download path, it is possible to configure the download location.

TechPort helps to scan all of your system applications. You can decide an interval and conduct an analysis of virus database updates. When you are travelling, there are chances that your signal mode changes to roaming and money will be deducted while performing any updates using mobile data. To avoid this, TechPort automatically turns off the updates when the SIM is in roaming mode.

During testing, the software detected almost 95% of sample viruses and destroyed them. You can sync your mobile with the Security Web Control feature which is an online dashboard which exchanges commands to and fro from the device. For this, you must initially have a registered online account. After that you have to choose between different commands which you want to enable in your mobile. After logging in to the account, users can send commands to their device from another mobile running the program.


TechPort consists of two advanced options other than virus scanning; an application manager and call filter (both incoming & outgoing).

The function of application manager is to provide a broad view about the currently installed applications and to check whether the permission for each application is granted individually. Based on the permission granted, you can search through the list of applications. Each permission consists of descriptions that help in the identification process.

In TechPort, you have an option called the running services. Using this, users can view the complete list of applications running in the background. This is similar to the Windows Task Manager which gives control over the application that you decide to run in the phone.

TechPort allows you to filter outgoing and incoming calls. They scan outgoing calls, missed calls, incoming calls and messages. This is a useful feature that allows you to whitelist, blacklist or block unknown numbers. Apart from other call filtering softwares, TechPort consists of outbound call filtering, which is not found in any softwares. This feature allows you to block the apps which you unknowingly granted the permission to send SMS.

To control the remote commands, you have facilities like safe browser, contact back-up and ‘remote control’ page. If you find any difficulty in using the software, they consist of 41-page user manual that helps the users to understand the functions. For more assistance there is online help centre and FAQs available within the software.


Techport mobile security is a free application. There is also a Premium version available which can be obtained by paying a one-time fee but can use it for free for the first 30 days.