Keeper password manager

Keeper password manager; trusted protection

Keeper is a highly secure password manager which provides advanced features to protect your password. Keeper uses 256-bit AES encryption method for protecting your passwords, sensitive information and login credentials. As an extra layer of protection, they use two-factor authentication features including Biometric and Face ID authentication. Along with these, they also provide Password security auditing, encrypted messaging and Dark Web monitoring. The interface of Keeper is easy and user-friendly.

Unlike other password managers, Keeper does not contain an automatic password changer. But with advanced security tools like encrypted messaging, Keeper has been considered as one of the best password managers available in 2021.

Apart from other subscription plans, Keeper provides 30 day free trial so that you can go through all the features and tools and subscribe them if you feel it worthy.


Keeper uses one of the finest encryption technique; 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard your password and information. This is the same technique used by higher level organizations like bank and governments. The advantage of this type of encryption is that they cannot be broken. Only the sender and the receiver can view the data.

Every information entered in the Keeper is secured in the cloud server. The encryption and the decryption process take place at device level, such that even if the hackers managed to steal your data from the network, they cannot decrypt or read them.

For security purpose, they deploy a strict zero-knowledge policy which means no other people can access the information present in the user account. Keeper also consists of unlimited password storage and new passwords can be added easily. For each password entry, you can insert files and images. For example, if you are saving an Airway account, then you can add your passport and travel insurance documents to them so that you have all the things in one place.

Keeper helps you to set up a two-factor authentication code for your account. You can use this feature for all the online platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Once you install Keeper in your system, they will ask you permission to import the passwords into the Keeper vault. You can directly import passwords from browser or from a CSV file. You can also import the passwords from other password managers instantly.

Once you receive shared information through Keeper, you can only read them and cannot make any changes unless the sender gives access to edit the information. Features like file attachments, enabling two factor authentication and sharing password is done instantly without any delay. With Keeper it is easy to store all the passwords and information in a single place.

The browser extension feature of Keeper helps you to save and auto-fill passwords and payment details into different web forms. Once you save your password in vault, it is easy find them. Whenever you log in to a new website, Keeper saves the account details for the future use. With the extension feature, you can easily switch accounts.

Whenever you are login in to an account, if the login credentials are saved in the vault, then Keeper will auto-fill passwords and web forms. In this way, you can easily sign in to your online accounts. The browser extension provided by Keeper is highly secure and functional.

With Keeper, you can save your identity and financial details which help you do online shopping easily. Identity details include name, address, phone number and email ID. Inserting financial details like credit card and debit card information can be done instantly using Keeper. Moreover, they are safe and secure in the Keeper vault. You don’t have a limit to store information in the vault. You have options to categorize information in the vault; you can separately split private and public information.

Keeper consists of predefined templates to create custom fields for your data. They also consist of dark web monitoring option called Breach Watch. But this is a premium feature and you must purchase it separately from the package. Breach Watch analyses all the login IDs and passwords saved in the vault. They alert you when any disturbance is found.

You can get the Keeper Business version for Rs.293.34 per month and personal version for Rs.220 per month. For more information, visit