ZoneAlarm; the promised protection for your devices

Cyber-attacks around the world are finding hype exponentially. Technological enhancement has helped these threat actors to grow and find new strategies of attack. Normal antivirus or firewall cannot defend these attacks. We need an advanced system to recognize and wipe them out completely. We have a thousand cyber softwares available in the market but only few have the unique feature to detect any level of dangerous threats and block them. All the organizations and individual users must ensure that they have progressive defending software to protect their data and sensitive information.

Here we are going to introduce you to one of the best security software available in the market, ZoneAlarm.

ZoneAlarm is one of the products of Check Point which has millions of users worldwide. ZoneAlarm provides users with attractive features that ensures complete protection for their information and enhances system performance. Mainly they shield your devices from every zero-day attacks. They protect every vulnerability of the system that can be exploited by the cyber hackers. ZoneAlarm uses cloud signature database to perform these actions and provide real time protection. They consist of a virtual sandboxing environment that helps the users to send email attachments to a virtual machine present in the device so that they are quarantined. From the quarantine storage, they are analysed thoroughly using cloud based definitions. Only if they are clean, they are passed forward.

 The ‘threat execution’ process is processed in several stages. Once a threat is detected, it is scanned by the sandbox environment and with the help of Zone Alarm network the other users are protected. Both the free and priced version of the software provides real-time protection against harmful threats like viruses, Trojans, spywares, adwares, worms and bots.

This software works at the Kernel level of operating system, which is considered as the advantage of this software. They consist of customizable scans and a signature for comparing different malwares quickly than other softwares in the market. ZoneAlarm updates its definition regularly against a cloud database.

ZoneAlarm consists of advanced firewall which is powered by proprietary technology. They always stay alert to detect the abnormal fluctuations in the network activity. Some of the common attacks against networks are SCM and COM, as well as data access exploits. The firewall actively watches the outbound traffic when the device is connected to public or private networks. The in-built security feature, Kill control can suppress the threats that try to leak the information out of your network. The firewall begins its function even before the security systems and programs have started operating.

The developers have included an Automatic Wireless Network Security tool which scans the wireless networks to decide the appropriate firewall policy. For those users who have to switch between networks for various options, this is a suitable feature.


Anti-Phishing Chrome Extension

ZoneAlarm provides users with anti-phishing extension specifically for Google Chrome Browser. This increases the significance of this software. This feature is available in both free and paid versions. In today society, hackers mainly focus to exploit online transactions and emails. Both these areas are protected using this feature. They also analyse every URL in the Chrome and saves your system from malicious websites threats.


The anti-keylogger feature present in ZoneAlarm helps to spot and prevent dangerous Keyloggers from exploiting the computer resources. Keyloggers are identity thieves which steal your sensitive informations like login credentials, financial information etc. Through anti-Keylogger feature, your personal informations are safe with yourself.

Online Backup Space

ZoneAlarm provide the users with 5GB of storage space where the users can store most of their important data. Creating a back-up for the important files is a need these days. The backup facility consists of utilities like continuous backup support, file versioning and ability to spot drives.

Find my laptop

In case of a stolen laptop, ZoneAlarm helps the users to recover the files and lock them. In most of the cases, stolen laptops can cause financial damage. If any other person tries to unlock your laptop, after the third failed attempt, the system notifies you and they lock the complete access.

ZoneAlarm is available in free version and paid versions. You can buy the paid versions for Rs.2, 185 for 1 device/year, Rs.2, 915 for 5 device/year and Rs.3, 645 for 10 devices/year.