Top Password Managers Top Password Managers available in 2021

Top Password Managers available in 2021

There are a lot of password managers available in the market. But to pick the decent ones is actually a hard process. There are free versions and paid version available. Most of the free versions contain bugs and glitches and some of them are just spyware which intend to steal your passwords. You will get in-build password manager for Apple and Chrome, but the level of security they provide is limited. Also, they don’t expand their securities to multiple platforms.

Free versions of password manager can offer you with loads of paywalls so that they become inefficient. If you are looking for a safe and secure password manager, you should go for the paid versions that offer best features, genuine protection and helpful customer support.

What are the criteria to look into while choosing a Password Manager?

  • Security: While looking into different Password Managers, make sure that they use 256-bit AES to safeguard your passwords. Additional check for two-factor authentication to make sure that there are no open vulnerabilities.
  • Ease of use: Make sure that the Password Manager is user-friendly. If it is hard to use, then it might be a wrong choice. Before going for one make sure that they can easily detect and save passwords, can auto fill saved credentials, generate new passwords as well as edit them.
  • Features: It is usually found trend that Password Manager Developers cover their features behind a paywall. So it is better to choose a free version by analysing their features. Some free versions provide options like password auditing, password sharing, biometric login etc.
  • Customer support: There are two types of support available for Password Managers, email support and live chat support. Check the response time of the support team before selecting them.

Top Password Managers

  • Last Pass

Last Pass is a free Password Manager which provides limitless password storage for more than one device and they also include some additional protection features. One of the drawbacks of this software is that it always asks permission to sync passwords between system and mobile devices. So to sync passwords across system and mobile versions, you need to upgrade the software.

Major features of Last Pass are:

  • Password auditing: This feature conducts regular audits in the password vault and marks the weak and repeated passwords. They also assist you in changing passwords in around 80 websites.
  • Build-in-authenticator: They produce OTP for every 2FA logins you do. This helps you to save time and to safely secure your password in one place instead of signing in to different authenticator application during the time of 2FA login.
  • 2FA compatibility: They can be combined with other OTP applications like Google Authenticator which ensure multi-layer protection for your password.
  • One-to-one sharing: You can share your passwords, financial details and other notes safely.
  • Avira Password Manager

Avira allows the users to merge wide variety of passwords across multiple devices. This is a free software. Like their anti-virus, their Password Manager is one of the best in the market. Here they have included biometric logins and OTP authenticator. In this application, all the passwords which are stored have been encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. They work on the basis of zero-knowledge policy. During the testing process, Avira did easily sync all the passwords and before saving them. Users can also upgrade to the paid version which consists of more advanced features like data breach monitoring, vault audit.

  • RoboForm

Roboform is a safe and secure Password Manager which is developed with additional form filler. Most of the password managers consist of simple form filler which fill easy web forms. But Roboform fills complex web forms with high accuracy. The software provides 7 different identity templates from which you can customize and select the preferred ones. They provide unlimited password storage and more advanced features in their free version. Once you upgrade to the paid version, the features are also upgraded like 2F authentication, cloud back-up option and sharing.

  • Sticky Password

They provide unlimited password storage for multiple devices but they don’t have the capability to sync between devices. They consist of some unique features like USB portability, biometric logins and Browser compatibility.

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