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eScan antivirus; all in one protection software

We are living in a digital world and all of our daily life activities are related to internet. This widespread use of internet has made us vulnerable to cyber-attacks, invasion of privacy and fraudsters. In the midst of the growing cyber-attacks, an advanced security solution is inevitable. As per the census, cyber-crimes have crossed around 2 trillion dollars loss for the world. This is a very serious issue and we must defend them before they take up all of our privacy and personal data. For that we need a strong, reliable security solution. There are many security softwares available in the market and each one of them is better than one another.

One among them is eSan.

The major motive of an anti-virus software is to safeguard your system from malwares, viruses, Trojans, ransomwares, botnets and other kinds of cyber threats. Some of the security softwares just provide security from them whereas some have additional bonus features.

eScan offers cloud security with advanced Firewall and anti-spam protection.

Advantages of eScan:

  • Scored well in the independent lab test and also in the hands-on test.
  • Improved Rescue mode bootable scan.
  • Firewall and an antispam features.

Disadvantages of eScan:

  • Antispam function is not efficient as expected.
  • Notifications are difficult to understand.
  • No phishing protection.

The interface panels of eScan consist of 5 different components; file antivirus, mail antivirus, antispam, firewall and cloud protection. The interface has separate panels for these features and just clicking on them can help you to make changes in the configuration or helps to view the software’s activity.

The Rescue mode helps the users to boot the system, if any malware or virus has infected the system and had made the device unbootable or unusable. This feature can be controlled manually. The AV test has awarded eScan with a VB100 certificate and good test results.


  • Latest, user-friendly and trendy GUI: eScan is an advanced anti-virus software with cloud security. They increase the system performance by launching several applications and other useful modules. They come with a catchy and trendy user interface which is carefully designed to suit the needs of experts and beginners.
  • Improved antispam feature: eScan depends on NIPL technology and complicated filters which works based on specific keywords and features. The artificial intelligence within the software helps to learn the pattern of the user and categorize emails into spam and ham emails separately.
  • eScan Security Network: The security network gathers information from millions of eScan users around the globe when they are online to protect them from the emerging threats. This cloud based security feature responds instantly to the latest upcoming threats.
  • USB vaccination: eScan provides vaccine for external sources likes pen drives, hard drives and USB so that they do not become the source of infection.
  • Advanced virus protection: With the developed virus protection feature and sophisticated Heuristics Algorithms, scans are conducted effectively without any delay. They also notes application which behaves unusually and report them to the user. eScan also protects the system from zero-day threats.
  • Two-way firewall: This feature helps to scan the incoming and outgoing network activities and they protect the system from all types of network based attacks. They also have access control rules which can analyse the network traffic.
  • Safe Mode Password Protection: This feature ensures that no one else takes the access of the system without a valid eScan password.
  • On-demand scanning: The on-demanding features help the users to quickly scan files, folders, memories and all storage devices. They use smart Whitelisting technology. It ensures that the performance of the system is not affected during the time of scanning.
  • Uninterrupted gaming experience: The game detection tool in this software helps to detect the start of a game, films and presentations. During the time, the software will shut down all its notifications and alerts and ensures uninterrupted gaming experience for the user.

Subscription plans

  • eScan antivirus (Linux) 1 device 2 years – Rs.1, 021
  • eScan antivirus with cloud security 5 devices 1 year –  Rs.1, 719
  • eScan Internet Security 5 devices 2 years –  Rs.4, 519
  • eScan antivirus (Linux) 5 devices 3 years – Rs.4, 932

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