G Data antivirus

G Data antivirus; the personal system protector

Nowadays we are encountering hype in cyber-attacks. We are not able to withstand the modern warfare of the hackers. Normal anti-malware software couldn’t resist the latest threats and we are in need of an advanced cyber security solution that can help us get through this.

The researchers have recognized a list of softwares that you protect your system from all the known and unknown threats. G Data is one among them.

G Data is developed by a German company and they have been successful creating softwares for the last 30 years. In the beginning it was just a malware detecting software. From that they grew to become the number 1 anti-virus software packed with full of features and settings.

The major software versions of the company are G data antivirus and G data Internet security. The G Data antivirus mainly focuses on anti-virus protection where the Internet security software provides more than a normal protection like Firewall, parental control and cloud back up feature. Both share a common feature of real-time protection that helps to analyse all the reading and writing operations happening in the system.

The Ideal scan tool helps to conduct a system-wide scan when the system remains ideal. The memory and start-up scanner makes sure that no infected programs are functioning inside the system during the time of booting and the rootkit scanner can take away the program before the system starts booting.

The scans in this software can be scheduled according to the preference of the users. As per the time they keep performing their scans in the background. G data is well known for its malware crushing property and the possibility of false detection is low.

The Parental control feature helps to lock selected websites and undefined URLs.

G Data consists of auto start manager which helps the user to have control over program booting. The enhanced key logger protection ensures additional layer of protection.

The firewall features provides inbound and outbound protection for your network with additional BankGuard utility that secures you in the time of banking processes and online transactions. They successfully pick up all types of Wi-Fi including the weak and the strong. G data ensures web protection by reading WiFi passphrases.

USB Keyboard guard helps to prevent threats from manipulated USB devices. Even though they are light weighted software, they need a storage space of about 1.7 GB. As per the AV test, G data has been placed in the 13th position out of 17 softwares.

G Data comes with a cluttered interface. They are crammed with options and security status details. The scan options present in G data are:

  • Check computer/full scan
  • Check memory and Autostart
  • Check directories/files
  • Check for rootkits

As per the statistics of the users, G data takes 18 minutes to scan 50 GB of data, which is much faster than any other security softwares.

Advantages of G data are:

  • Outstanding scores while tested.
  • Offers advanced protection against ransomwares, Trojans, Key loggers and other exploits.
  • They include spam filter.

G data offers best protection from malware attacks. Once a malware is detected, they block every access to the malware hosting site, they analyse the downloading files and blocks them, detect and destroy the malware based on their signature.

If you are a new member, you need to register yourself before starting the software by providing name and email address. This software protects your system using 7 protection layers which includes system messages, update details and license information.

G data provides end-to-end solutions and services by utilizing the AI technology. The software provides support 24×7 with an experienced expert team.

Subscription plans

  • Antivirus 3 devices 1 year – Rs.495
  • Antivirus 3 devices 3 year – Rs.890
  • Internet security 1android device 1 year – Rs.220
  • Internet security 1 device 1 year – Rs.495
  • Internet security 1 device 3 years – Rs.890
  • Total security 1 device 1 year – Rs.880

G data is an efficient cyber security solution available in affordable price. For more details please visit