How to improve communication in relationships?

Communication is an integral part of a relationship. Without proper communication, you cannot understand what your partner wants from a relationship. Some relationships ended due to the lack of effective communication. Whatever may be your thoughts, opinions, wish; try to communicate them with your partner. Even though communication is hard work, it is the only key to a successful relationship. To improve communication, you should know how to present ideas and thoughts. In addition, you should also be a good listener. Let us discuss some points that help you to improve communication in your relationship.

Know what to say and mean them

Sometimes we communicate to our partner by hiding many feelings inside, expecting our partner to understand them without your explanation. But this is not a fair or effective method. They do not mind readers; if you wish to express something express it completely then just give them hints that this is the situation I am going through. Try to lay out your thoughts directly.

Never rush your communication. Try to speak slowly and make sure that they understand every bit of it. Never burst out everything in anger so that they feel confused. Also, make sure you use logical statements. When you become open and lay your thoughts directs you to avoid confusion and resentment.

Regularly use “I” and “me” statements

If you are in an argument, never start them by accusing your partner’s mistake. If you keep on making the “You” statement, there are chances that they won’t listen to your perspective. Instead of just revolving around your feelings, try to place yourself and understand your mistakes too. Make your partner feel less castigated and make the communication more productive. For instance, instead of directly telling them that “You are neglecting me these days”, try to frame that as “Nowadays I feel neglected”. This can help you sustain the relationship. But if you feel that your partner is toxic and you no more need them in your life, just follow your way.

Try to be calm when you communicate

Logically, even if it is not possible to maintain a calm situation if you and your partner are in the middle of a fight, the calmer you are it becomes easier for you to express your feelings. Try to practice breathing exercises so that you can control your emotions and begin a productive situation. Maintain a slow tone while talking.

Maintain a positive posture

If you are having a positive posture, it can help you in setting up a positive tone in your communication. While communicating, try to have eye contact and turn your body towards them. Try to make use of your hands while talking and try to have control over your movements. Never tie your hands because it can make your partner feel that you are done with discussions and closed off.

Make sure you explain your ideas with confidence

You don’t need business-style communication. Be comfortable with the topic you are going to present and speak it with confidence. Always keep a smile on your face and discuss the topic with confidence. Never be hesitant to ask questions and clear your doubts. When you speak with confidence, the chances of getting frazzled decrease.

Have a plan

Before you get into an argument, make sure you don’t jump into it abruptly and shoot your partners with their mistakes. Even if they did something wrong, try to communicate with a proper plan. Make a list of things in your mind which you want to communicate with them and do it calmly without losing your temper. If you have plans for making your partner feel bad about what they have done, then you should plan accordingly.

Before being offensive put yourself in their place

Before you go for an argument, make sure you think from their side too. There are possibilities that you may don’t know some things. Before judging them, understand why they are behaving in this way. In a situation where you are angry or upset, it is hard to analyze their situation, but still, try because it can help you resolve faster. When you place yourself in their shoes, you can validate their feelings and understand the struggles they are going through.


How to handle toxicity in a relationship?

Not every love story ends up in a happily ever after relationship. Some bonds end up being toxic and lead to a break-up. In a relationship, if you feel that only you are the one making adjustments and your partner is trying to impose their likes and interests in you without giving value to any of your emotions, then you are in a bad relationship.

A healthy relationship is always the epitome of trust, respect, communication, and honesty. People in a relation should be able to accept each other the way they are. When it comes to a bad relation, it is the opposite of all these qualities. Even though healthy relationships can sometimes show negative characteristics, they are solved by the partners together. But when you are experiencing negative signs for a long period, then you are in a bad relationship.

Avoid unhealthy relationships

Understand what truly satisfies you in a relationship

Make a clear idea of what you want from a relationship or what matters to you in a relationship? If the relation is not giving you the love and happiness that you expected, then you are wasting your time and effort. No relationships are perfect; there will be ups and downs in every relation. What matters is your partner’s support to overcome hard times. While analyzing your relation, focus on the positive side than the negatives. Think about the things that truly satisfy you, make you happy, and feel good.

Learn from your past

If you don’t have a clear idea about what went wrong in your previous connection, you may end up in another bad relationship. It is vital that you understand the mistakes from the past. When you are going to start a new bond, analyze the past relation. Make a study about why things didn’t work out. Understand your needs from a relation and try to communicate openly with your partner before entering into a relation.

Take time to start a new relationship

After a breakup, it is better to take a break, before you enter into another relationship. When you meet someone for the first time, you might think that they will be a good partner but only after understanding them, you will get to know that you were wrong. So before committing to a person, make sure you know everything about that person. Take it slow; never hurry to get into a relation because when you are down with the happenings of past relationships, the possibility to get attached to a person is high.

Understand that love is not to physical attraction

Most people confuse love with beauty and looks. It is not. Even though looks play a role in getting attracted, it is not an integral part. Physical attraction can happen in a moment of time and can distract you and end up in bad decisions. Almost every relationship begins with a physical attraction but when days pass, what you will feel important is their character and the ability to support & understand you.

Keep your freedom in relationship

Keeping up freedom and creating your personal space is important in a relationship. This will help you to establish a healthy bond and avoid negative traits like possessiveness. Freedom in relationships ensures healthy attachments. If you depend too much on your partner, then it will be hard to get detached and you won’t be able to do anything by yourself. For every little thing, you will seek the help of your partner. Understand that you have a world outside your relation and relation is just a part of your life.

Develop positive expectations

One of the main reasons why people suffer in a relation is due to their pessimistic thinking. If you keep on having negative thoughts then you will end up in negative things, so chances are less than you will have a good relation. Before you get into a relation, make sure you have realistic and optimistic thoughts about the relation. Never think that you are not good for a relation because of your past experiences. Your past doesn’t have to do anything with your present. Reach out to everything with a positive mindset and understand that you can change the direction of your life whenever you want.