Top 4 security softwares for iPads and iPhones

Top 4 security softwares for iPads and iPhones

The use of Apple products has boomed drastically compared to the previous years. This is mainly due to the security and safety they provide. But today, even the toughest security systems are vulnerable to internet security risks. To prevent this from happening we should have defending software in our devices that can save us from present day malwares and threats.

In this blog we are going to discuss about 4 security solutions that can add an extra layer of protection for you Apple devices.

Actually virus scanning cannot be done on iOS devices because they are secured by a new-fangled security technique called “sandboxing”. This prevents apps from making variation in the other applications or files. So the truth is that viruses or malwares cannot affect the iOS systems.  So what we mean by cyber security is internet security. By providing internet security you keep you iPads and iPhones safe from malicious threats.

Apple devices are vulnerable to a wide range of security threats like phishing attacks, unsafe public Wi-Fi networks, browser trackers, data stealing apps and device threats.

Avira free antivirus for iOS

Avira provides the best features for iOS deviceS which are simple, helpful and more intuitive. Avira adds extra layer of protection for iPhones and iPads.

The attracting feature of Avira is its Privacy Manager feature. This prevents Siri from sharing your personal information with Apple servers. They hinder Siri from sending commands to the Apple’s servers based on your personal data.

Avira also provides advanced security options like:

  • Anti-theft protection
  • Secure VPN
  • Network scanner
  • Device scanner
  • Contact backup
  • Photo storage manager

The VPN feature of Avira enables encrypted internet availability without any logs. The drawback of VPN is that they only provide 100MB data per day and you can only connect to a single server location. But there is an upgraded version available for VPN where you get unlimited browsing data as well as multiple server locations.

Avira protects your privacy by blocking Siri from having interactions with the Apple server. They also provide anti-theft tools and call blocker for improving the security.

Total AV Mobile Security

Total AV provides free security softwares with wide variety of features which includes a safe web browser and an on-demand data breach scanner. Total AV functions with the help of DuckDuckgo search engine. The peculiarity of this search engine is that it cannot be tracked or targeted by anyone while you use the web. The breach scanner regularly scans the database and check for infected emails.

Other features provided by Total AV are:

  • Device finder
  • Battery manager
  • Photo clean-up
  • System security

The device finder feature is basically an anti-theft tool which helps you to track your device when it is stolen or lost. The Photo clean-up features checks for the duplicate photos & screenshots present in your device and remove them. This helps you to save storage space. Total AV also alerts you when any new update is released so that you don’t lag behind by using out-dated application which can be vulnerable to cyber threats.

McAfee Mobile Security for iOS

McAfee is a user-friendly mobile security application which provides excellent anti-theft protection. They have a unique feature called the anti-theft alarm. Unlike the in-built security alarm, McAfee alarms are louder and it is hard to ignore the sound!

McAfee also provides remote location tracking, data wiping facility and also the option to display automated messages. McAfee also provides:

  • Wi-Fi scanner
  • Media vault
  • System security scan
  • Contact backup

McAfee’s threat scanner is very effective. Whenever you are logging into a new website, they first scans the website and if any disturbance is felt, they immediately alerts you and removes you from that website. With McAfee you can create secret album for your files and an automatic iCloud backup system for your contacts.

Kaspersky Security for iOS

Kaspersky provide free security software for iOS devices along with a secure VPN. The VPN provides 300MB daily data and has a no log VPN policy. No log VPN policy ensures that your browsing history cannot be tracked by anyone, not even by Kaspersky. The VPN provides faster internet, but in the free version you do not have the freedom to select a particular server from the global network, they just connect automatically.

They also checks for phishing emails and malicious websites. The password manager feature of Kaspersky allows you to auto-fill password, generate password and helps in account logins by using 256-bit AES encryption technique.

The free version of Kaspersky consists of limited features but if you upgrade it to the premium plan, you will get advanced features like global network access, phishing protection as well as unlimited password storage.

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